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it’s you, the people and the state

A spoofy virtual world that takes real world very seriously


You don't know where you came from. You only know you're a good person trying to survive and understand the world you fell into.

The people

They're good people. They live their life doing their best. They're happy to reward you with money if you give them what they want.

The state

It's there. It's not clear what it is, where it is, what it wants from you, what its purpose is. Figuring it out is up to you.


Harvest resources, build, produce, sell, invest, expand.

The game simulates a small economy that allows the player to climb the social ladder. Wealth doesn’t come easy though. Important efforts and smart money management are required to satisfy clients.


Explore the world, its people and its institutions.

Your life gets disrupted by external forces in paradoxical ways, but very real nonetheless. Behind seemingly basic interactions may lay a deeper philosophical dilemma for you to explore and experiment with.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Gamer Testimonials
Terrible game, probably made by some fascist
“Don't fall for such fascist propaganda. What these people want is a world where the rich and powerful can arm themselves to kill and exploit the poor and weak. Disgusting game. Don't play.”
Lara Bohermian
Political Scientist
Building your fortune from scratch is very satisfying
"The effort and the dedication needed to increase wealth in this economy, builds up attachment to your own property and causes a certain grudge whenever someone takes something from you."
Ashley Ying
Good game but philosophically weak
“The game itself is good, but the underlining philosophical concepts are a shallow simplification of very complex social dynamics. Game's authors are fascist enablers, in good faith.”
Francis Crade
I loved the kafkaesque struggle and light humor
“It actually made me reconsider some aspects of the world I live in. Things that I never questioned because so widely accepted that feels absurd to even think about doubting them. ”
Alexander Vitinski
Introducing certain matters through gaming is the way
“We can't expect younger generations to randomly stumble upon certain books and even read them. The new communication channels are social networks and games"
Faber Radica

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!